Affiliate/Ambassador getting started

We have taken the time to be as descriptive as possible, so that anyone new to the affiliate marketing model can understand the process. We must stress, however, that limited support will be offered; the affiliate system is an industry application used by thousands of businesses, and it's out of our support service.

Your unique affiliate link is coded to you, so anyone you share the link with who clicks on that link and visits any page on the website will be registered as a referral from you. Should they purchase the course at the first visit or future visits, you will still be credited with the sale.

HOWEVER, if they click on another promoter’s referral link and purchase from that affiliate, the sale will be credited to that affiliate. In effect, the last link clicked will get the commission.

You may choose to be a passive or active promoter. By passive, we mean sharing the product with your circle of friends and family. In this instance, you may want to save them some money on their purchase or split the commission payment with them (your choice).
You may choose to be an active promoter, turning this opportunity into an income stream. This is where you have an ongoing promotion campaign, such as placing a banner on your website or any other platform with a broad reach. For these individuals, we offer an increased commission base on proven sales activity (you will find a few marketing graphics in your portal).

Below are the steps to register and get your promotion link. At this time the link will take your referral to the webinar registration page (but don't be alarmed – when the page changes, any visitors you have sent  prior will still be accredited to you).

Please note:
The commission across the board will be 15% of the product price at the time of purchase. You cannot earn commission on your own purchase.

To receive your commission you MUST connect a PayPal account,  your link will not work untill you have done so.  Payments are automatic 14 days after the sale. We have noted recently that PayPal may require you to change or set up your account as a PayPal business account, but this should be a relatively straightforward process.

More information on affiliate marketing can be found by doing a google search, and there are lots of YouTube videos on the subject.

To your success!

Once logged in click the product tab

Here is where you follow the instruction to connect your PayPal account
under Promo-material, you will find some ready-made graphics of varying sizes.