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💥Flashcard library

Easy-to-use flashcards that can be used by learners of all ages to help memorize and reinforce your Swahili lessons.

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How do you say yes?


How do you say goodbye?


How do you say good? 



💥 Flexible approach

Learners have the choice of online self-study, or enrolling on the our structured curriculum, with the option of attending one or two teacher lessons per week. The choice is yours, we have found our flexible approach accommodates most learning styles.


💥Done-for-you lesson

Unlike other language courses where you are stuck with learning what the instructor wants to teach you, our Kiswahili mastery course allows you to pick what you want to learn. Select the premium membership and inform the instructor about what area of learning that you want to understand, such as Swahili business language. Our instructor will provide a customised pre-recorded lesson that you can access anytime on the membership site.

This is a premium service currently offered free to the Proficiency course learners. 
Right reserved to make chargeable in the future.


💥Retention exercises

When the language is not continually practised, you may start to forget. You'll have continues retention exercises to gauge your progress, keep you on-track and reinforce what you have learned.

Take our 30-second Kiswahili challenge, and claim an additional free lesson reward credit!

Why Learn Kiswahili?
Kwa Nini Ujifunze Kiswahili?

Learning another language gives you a greater understanding of how many different cultures there are in the world. When you encounter someone who speaks this language, you can easily speak with them in their native language, which often brings delight and a sense of relief to them. You can form closer relationships with everyone.

Learn Swahili for Travel
Jifunze Kiswahili Kwa Sababu Ya Kusafiri

When travelling, it can surprise and delight people when you speak to them in their native language. Kiswahili is the official language in Kenya and Tanzania and is also spoken throughout Uganda and many other East African countries. With our Kiswahili Mastery Course, you will become fully proficient in Swahili as you can confidently have a full conversation with anyone while travelling.

Learn Swahili for Fun
Jifunze Kiswahili Kama Burudani

Even if you are not travelling to East Africa soon, learning other languages allows you to experience different cultures and discover the many ways in which they communicate. These mastery courses in Kiswahili can be learned by the entire family. You will learn more than just the beginner courses. You will come to master the language as your entire family will enjoy the lessons.

The Kiswahili Mastery 2.0 course will take you from a complete beginner to where you speak confidently in most situations.

What students are saying..

A very well structured session includes aim and objectives clearly stated, visual worksheets and support to make learning progress exciting and fun.


Naomi was very patient and friendly. I enjoy being able to speak with a human and hear the pronunciations and feedback. I am looking forward to my next class.


I'm excited to be on the right path finally. I'm enjoying the lesson and an easy format to follow. I'm on my way to learning Kiswahili after many efforts of learning on my own

Amantha W

TheCourse Principal & Teacher

Mwalimu Wambui, is an accomplished writer, who has a fine article published in the Msingi magazine, 

where she shares her passion for teaching the Swahili language. A much sought-after tutor, she loves helping students of all ages and enjoys the challenge and reward of hearing them speak Swahili with confidence.

Who is the course for?

This course is for students who want to progress their Kiswahili learning and speak confidently in most situations. A combination of online content, inclusive of the teacher’s private lessons, this course will provide you with a deep understanding of the Kiswahili language, enabling you to communicate fluently and equip you with a strong foundation in Swahili culture.

 It is appropriate for all ages. Individuals, families, and businesses may take advantage of these amazing courses.

About the course

Which course is best for me?

Proficiency Academy Subscription

This course is for the learner who prefers to enrol in a structured instructor-led course. It includes instructor lessons and delves into the Swahili cultural norms and colloquialisms. You will also receive regular progress assessments to keep you on track with your learning.

You receive eight teacher lessons over the over the study period.

$639 p/y
$58 first month,
then $97 p/m

Elemental Academy Subscription

You will receive four lessons with the teacher. In addition, you will benefit from email access to the teacher throughout the course and the option to purchase additional classes at a discount. 

$539 p/y
$58 first month,
then $88 p/m

Essential Academy Subscription

Online self study , this option does not include teacher lessons However, you will receive one complementary teacher lesson for the creation of your personal learning plan, and recommendation on how to get the best out of the course.
(Self study course)

$347.97 p/y

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