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What makes this course different

The Swahili for Seniors course offers a flexible approach for seniors to learn. It's taught in a learning style that is weighted more to visual apprehension and word association rather than teaching complicated grammatical structures.

Benefit 1

Technical set-up to help you get connected with the online portion of the course delivery

Benefit 3

Flexible paced learning to suit the individual learning pace

Benefit 2

24 -one-on-one sessions (over 6-months)

What’s In The Course

Month 1.

  • How to initiate a conversation and exchange greetings
  • How to identify people in a conversation

Month 2.

  • How to ask someone their name
  • How to give your name and that of others

Month 3.

  • Revisit  Modules 1-2
  • Identifying days of the week
  • Identifying months of the year
  • Times of the day

Month 4.

  • Identifying family members
  • Basic shelter referencing (house, room, home etc.)
  • How to ask someone questions and how to answer questions

Month 5.

  • Basic feelings expressions (happy, sad, glad, etc.)
  • Counting
  • How to say goodbye

Month 6.

  • Revisit  Modules 1- 5
  • Telling time continued
  • Identifying basic life necessities: types of food and drinks

Month 7-12.

  • Work on weakness 
  • Listening comprehension
  • Student choice

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Stay mentally active

E-learning and distance education can play a role in helping seniors become integrated with the rest of society and fill the need of those wanting to stay mentally active.

Increasing demand for language learning

With the increasing demand for language learning from people in or nearing retirement, the Swahili for the Seniors course offers an advantage:

Note: Living as a couple?

Your partner can attend the teacher sessions at no extra cost, so you get two for the price of one!

Partners attend teacher lessons at no extra cost

About the course teacher

Wambui Kamau is a native Swahili speaker with a background in teaching. She loves helping students of all ages and enjoys the challenge and rewards of helping them to speak Swahili with confidence.

Why Swahili For Seniors?

Internet use by seniors has increased dramatically since the beginning of the millennium.
The Internet is increasingly used for information dissemination, putting non-users at a growing disadvantage

The course dispels the misguided beliefs and damaging stereotypes of older adults in that they are rigid and do not want to learn.

While there are stereotypes about older people not being interested in using the Internet, being unable to learn how to use the Internet, and being negative or anxious about Internet use, we do not find any of these myths to be true.

The Swahili-speaking regions of Africa are seeing an increasing number of seniors moving to the area, looking to contribute their years of knowledge and wisdom.

Language learning by seniors has increased dramatically since the beginning of the millennium. As mentioned before 'the Internet is increasingly used for information dissemination, putting non-users at a growing disadvantage'.

Payment Options

about the Course

The Swahili for seniors course offer a flexible approach for seniors to learn, it's taught in a learning style that is weighted more on visual apprehension and word association as opposed to teaching complicated grammatical structures.

  • *Couples partner free 
  • 1hr Free technical help
  • Live teacher lessons
  • flexible paced learning to suit the individual learning pace
  • Online email support
  • Online retention quizzes
  • Online video lessons
  • Online resources

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Frequently asked questions

What happens after I purchase the course?

Within a few minutes of purchase, you will receive your login details to the membership site.  Follow the instruction to complete registration and you can start studying straight away.

You will also get a separate email with your course lessons credits.

Can I share the course with a friend or family?

Yes, we encourage you to learn together with you significant other.

How do I pay for the course?

You can pay with most major credit cards.  Our merchant payment provider is Stripe or PayPal. We do not hold any card details on our site.

Can I pay by instalments?

There is a split pay and a monthly subscription option available.

Do you offer a trial?

We don't offer a trial version, but we do have a 14-day refund policy, so you can buy with confidence.

What's included in the course?

Please read the modules section on this page. However, the is not limited to as the teacher will present content based on your learning progression.