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April 11, 2021

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Best Place To Learn Swahili Online

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Best Place To Learn Swahili Online 😊

Swahili is a language that is primarily spoken in nations found in East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda). With global companies expanding around the world, relocation and business travel is something that is now normalized.

If you are currently being relocated or sent on business travel to one of these nations then it is best to start learning some Swahili. Simply being able to communicate in someone else's language is a gift in itself.

By speaking someone else's language, you are able to establish a connection with them as they respect that you are putting in the effort to communicate with them. On top of that, you also get to experience the local communities and possibly build lifelong friendships.

If you've been wondering where to learn Swahili online, I would recommend going to learnkiswahili202.com which is a good site for learning Swahili. I will touch a little more on this site in the latter part of this article but, for now, let's take a look at some benefits you get from learning Swahili.

Best Place To Learn Swahili Online

Benefits of Learning Swahili

Aside from learning Swahili for relocation or business travel, learning Swahili or a new language in general can be really beneficial. Here are some of the benefits of learning a new language:

  • Makes you smarter – Learning a new language increases focus, decision-making and memory.
  • Travel with ease – By learning Swahili you are better able to travel around in parts of East Africa.
  • Makes you more open-minded – Learning a new language also means putting yourself in the nativespeaker's shoes and learning a new culture.
  • Delays dementia – By speaking a new language you sharpen your brain and increase the amount of grey matter which, in turn, delays dementia.
  • Makes you more disciplined – It takes a lot of time and effort to learn a new language. Generally speaking, the more you learn, the more disciplined you will become.

Is Swahili Hard To Learn?

Although Swahili may sound like a language that is really hard to learn, it is probably the easiest non-related English language to learn. This is a good thing, as speaking Swahili can be seen as something impressive to others.

What makes Swahili easy to learn is that:

  1. 1
    Swahili has a very forgiving pronunciation, unlike Chinese where the wrong pronunciation can give a different meaning.
  2. 2
    Swahili is easy to understand as every word has a vowel between each consonant.
  3. 3
    No tongue-twisting sounding words as in the Russian language.

Best Place To Learn Swahili Online

That being said, if you're from the USA, Canada or the UK where should you learn Swahili online?

Well, if you're looking for Best Place To Learn Swahili Onlne fast, fun and easy, I recommend learning from learnkiswahili202.com. It is currently one of the best sites to learn from when it comes to the Swahili language.

What Do You Get From Enrolling In learnkiswahili202?

  • Flashcard Library

The flashcard library is designed for you to revise and memorize Swahili words. Flashcards are one of the oldest learning tools but are still effective today.

Having access to the flashcard library not only helps with memorization of Swahili words but also saves time by not having to create your own flashcards.

  • Two Free Private One-on-One Lessons

This is probably one of the most valuable tools to have when it comes to learning a new language. Having access to a private tutor will help boost your learning speed as you are able to directly ask questions with regard to what you don't understand.

Additionally, you would usually be required to pay for the advantage of private one-on-one lessons, so having the opportunity of two free private lessons is already great value in itself.

  • β€˜Done For You’ Lessons

Everybody has a different learning curve, so having access to customized lessons will greatly help with your improvement in the language. Plus, by enrolling in the website you get access to this service for free.

This means that if you have a specific area where you are looking to improve, you can simply make a request to your tutor.

  • Retention Exercises

Aside from that, you will also have retention exercises to see how much you have improved. There is no point in learning if you are not seeing any results, so having progress tests is a good way to do just that.

What If I'm Not Ready To Enroll Yet?

Well, if you are still unsure whether or not to enroll, as you may want to ensure the quality of the lessons, you will have access to a free mini introductory course.

This course will enable you to see if you find the lessons helpful before enrolling.

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