June 22, 2021

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Travelling to East Africa

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Travelling to East Africa

Travelling to East Africa regions can be a great experience , however, there are many factors to consider, such as the religion, language and cultural practices. It is important to study these factors in order to get best experience from your travels.

Travelling to East Africa

When you are planning on travelling to East Africa, you should consider the population, religion, language, and the size of East Africa. East Africa is made up of 19 countries and is popular for its wild animals and other natural scenery. 

Many travellers recommend the safari camps, rolling savannahs and beaches. The climate in East Africa is mostly tropical and few regions are reported as experiencing years with no rain. So cooler garments should be considered when planning for East African travel.

Travelling to East Africa Area

East Africa is estimated to have a total area of 2.467 million square kilometres. The biggest country in East Africa is Ethiopia, with an area of 1.104 million square kilometres. The smallest country in the African continent, the Republic of Seychelles, is also located in East Africa and is estimated to have an area of 458.4 square kilometres.


East Africa is estimated to have a population of about 454 million as of April 2021, according to the United Nations. It is also said that East Africa has the largest population in the African continent. The East African population makes up about 5.71% of the world's population. The yearly change in the African population ranges from 2% to 3%. It is also noted that 29.8% of the Eastern African population is urban.


The two most common religions in East Africa are Christianity and Islam. The religious make-up in the three major East African countries is shown below:

Rwanda - 43.7% of Rwandans belong to Roman Catholicism, 37.7% are Protestant, 11.8% Adventist, 2% are Muslim, others make up 2.3% and 2.5% have no religion.

Ethiopia - Most Ethiopians are Christians, which is about 62.8% of the population. The next largest religion in this country is Islam which is about 33.9% of the Ethiopian population.

Kenya - About 70% of the population in Kenya are Christian while 25%.  Around 5% are Muslims and there are other Asian communities with different religions including Hindus, Sikhs and others.

Primary language

An online article in 2013 stated that Swahili is the most spoken language in East Africa. It has been debated whether it should be the official language in East Africa as it is the primary language spoken by most of the population. The Swahili language involves a combination of Bantu and Arabic languages. It is suggested that this should be an official language because of economic, political and social developments. Travellers should to study Swahili for getting around in their East African travel.

Others languages

There are many dominant languages spoken in Africa. Because Swahili is a combination of Bantu and Arabic languages, the Arabic language can be considered as a secondary language spoken by the East African population. It is also believed to be one of the most spoken languages in the world.

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